Thrustmaster of Texas, Inc.
Advanced Marine
Systems and Applications


Thrustmaster of Texas, Inc. designs and manufactures commercial marine propulsion thrusters at the largest thruster factory in the world. Located in Houston, Texas with international offices in Singapore, Rotterdam, Dubai, Brazil, and India.

Underwater Mount Azimuth Thruster
Thrustmaster manufacturers heavy duty azimuthing thrusters from 35 HP (26kW) to 10,750 HP (8.0MW) with fixed pitch propellers. The product lineup includes hydraulic and mechanical thrusters with direct engine drive, electric drive or hydraulic drive, and underwater mountable thrusters for the largest marine applications.
Azimuth Z-drive Thrusters use fixed pitch propellers in open wheel configuration or with nozzles. Z Drive Azimuthing Thruster
Azimuth L-Drive Thrusters use fixed pitch propellers in open wheel configuration or with nozzle. L-Drive Azimuth Thruster
Portable Dynamic Positioning Systems.
Thrustmaster’s portable dynamic positioning system allows for an affordable and quick dock-side conversion of any vessel to DP-0 thru DP-3 per any of the major classification societies. PDPS can be mounted directly onto the deck or onto platforms attached to the side of the vessel.
Thrustmaster's tunnel thrusters are best equiped to perform docking, slow speed maneuvering, emergency steering and station keeping at zero or slow forward speed. In order to meet the numerous demands of the many vessel types used around the world Thrustmaster engineers design tunnel thrusters of aluminum or steel, and, with options regarding the kind of input power (prime movers) needed by the customer.
Propulsion Unit
Thrustmaster's propulsion outdrive units are self-contained thruster packages for main propulsion and positioning of barges, platforms and river craft. Conversion from a simple barge or unpowered vessel can be done in as little as a few hours to less than a week without modifying the hull. The hydraulic drive is especially suited for shallow, brown water applications where debris in the water or shallow bottoms can be a problem.