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Articulated Tug Barges

Articulated Tug Barge (ATB)
Performance and reliability are understandably key considerations in the operation of Articulated Tug Barges. Due to their wide spread areas of operation a robust propulsion system is necessary that can easily handle the rugged nature of the inland waterways along with the swift currents of the high seas.

Thrustmaster has incorporated a large number of design features to allow designers, builders and operators to design ATBs that are more reliable, that perform their operations with increased efficiency, carry more payload and that are easier to build.

We supply tunnel thrusters in the bow of the barge with controls in the tug bridge. Usually hydraulic tunnel thrusters in the range of 1,000HP. Thrustmaster hydraulic tunnel thrusters consist of a high thrust fixed pitch propeller on a husky propeller shaft directly coupled to Thrustmaster’s exclusive podded hydraulic motor providing infinite propeller speed control in both directions of rotation. They come as complete units installed in a section of steel tunnel. The variable-flow hydrostatic drive system allows for infinite propeller speed control in port and starboard direction. Whether in manual mode or DP mode, hydraulic thrusters allow perfect vessel station-keeping and instant thrust response. Full thrust can be reversed within 3 to 5 seconds. This instantaneous and fully proportional speed control gives performance superior to a controllable pitch propeller (CPP) without the cost, complexity, fragility or maintenance problems of the intricate CPP control system with all its drive shafts, levers and feedback mechanisms.

Tugs benefit from increased pushing power and reliability when equipped with Thrustmaster’s Z-Drive azimuth thrusters. The Z-drives use fixed pitch propellers in open wheel configuration or with nozzles. They may be optimized for vessel speed or for maximum bollard thrust.

Z-drives are available from 250 to 10,750 HP (185kW to 8.0MW) with a wide selection of reduction ratios and propeller/nozzle diameters to suit the application requirements. They are available with integral wet hydraulic or dry air actuated clutch, in top pull-out or weld-in configuration.



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