Holland Shipbuilding Magazine Features Thrustmaster

Holland Shipbuilding Magazine features Thrustmaster’s International Sales and Marketing Manager.Excerpt: “The sales departments, captained by Mr. Bert Ault, are now working on tenders for almost all the major oil companies in the world, impressive names can be considered as a valued relation to Thrustmaster, like: BP, Chevron, Exxon Mobile, Gazprom, Gulf Oil, Petrobras, Shell, Sonangol, Stratoil, Texaco & Total. At this moment a lot of orders come from upgrading ‘well stimulation vessels’ and tankers to DP 2 shuttle tankers. A number of Thrustmaster’s portable DP-systems are dedicated to simply bringing barges to a drill location; these barges will sink down onto a well (of course after removal of the portable propulsion systems) and will be cemented in at a depth of approximately 1,500 meters. These cemented in barges will function as base stations to which DP shuttle tanker can be connected.”

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