Leonard Hill and Jason Hill have joined the Waterjet team at Thrustmaster of Texas!


Thrustmaster of Texas, a major US based manufacturer of marine thrusters for over 33 years, acquired the IP rights for Waterjets from Thrustmaster, an Australian waterjet manufacturer. Thrustmaster started building the waterjets in its large Houston facilities under the Thrustmaster brand name in 2014. Thrustmaster jets have been in service around the world and in US and Foreign Militaries for more than 30 years and over this time span, these waterjets have continually been refined to optimize performance, durability and maintainability. Joe Bekker, Thrustmaster’s President, states: “We have made a big and long term commitment to become the leading player in the waterjet market. We continue to improve our existing products and add new models to our portfolio. Our service and parts support is already the best in the industry.”

Today, Thrustmaster of Texas is proud to announce that Leonard Hill and Jason Hill have joined Thrustmaster of Texas, bringing with them over 65 years of waterjet design, manufacturing, and sales experience. Jason and Leonard join Jordan Tilton in expanding Thrustmaster’s waterjet team.

Leonard Hill started his waterjet career at Jacuzzi Brothers waterjet division in 1978. In 1984, Leonard purchased the waterjet product line from Jacuzzi and started North American Marine Jet (NAMJet). Leonard Hill invented and introduced a revolutionary new style of jet to the market place known as the TRAKTOR JET. The TRAKTOR JET combines all the features of the conventional waterjet with the added benefit of higher thrust, especially at low vessel speed.

Jason Hill has been working on waterjets since the age of 15, starting with NAMJet, and later moving on to Motor Services Hugo Stamps where he sold MJP and Alamarin waterjets in North America. Jason next moved on to Marine Jet Power out of Sweden as America’s prime salesman and program manager for the Ultra jet product line.

Jason Hill notes “My experiences over the last 26 years in the jet business have allowed me to develop a robust and diverse knowledge of all waterjet product lines and companies. This new opportunity to come onboard Thrustmaster of Texas is the highlight of my career!”

Thrustmaster and Leonard Hill are excited to work together on yet another new Leonard Hill waterjet model that was not present in the industry before. This new jet offering is a combination of the previous slow speed, high thrust, TRAKTOR JETS Leonard designed in the mid 1990’s and incorporates many of the characteristics of high speed jets. This new jet is marketed as the Hi500 waterjet! On the test results of this new jet, Leonard Hill states: “The success of the first three prototypes have greatly exceeded my expectations!”

Thrustmaster of Texas, Jordan Tilton, Leonard and Jason Hill are all very excited to expand Thrustmaster’s waterjet offerings and capabilities in the market!