37 M Portable River Ferry

Thrustmaster’s 37m ferry has a dead weight load carrying capability of 130 tons and a vessel speed of 6 knots.  The 37m Portable River Ferry is composed of 14 modular barge sections.

Equipped with two 125 kW self-contained, hydraulic outboard propulsion units the ferry is capable of transporting two (2) tractor trailers, six (6) dump trucks, or various other vehicle combinations.  The Ferry comes with a durable laminated mat decking suitable for heavy vehicle use.  The ferry ramps have a deck bearing capacity of 29,294 kg/m2 and ferry floats have a deck bearing capacity 24,412 kg/m2.

The ferry is provided with an elevated steel operator cabin equipped with sliding door and windows on all walls affording 360⁰ field of vision.  The operator cabin is accessed by ladder on an elevated steel platform.



Portable River Ferry

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