Seacor Receives FSV Outfitted with 3 Thrustmaster Tunnel Thrusters

Seacor Marine took delivery of their latest 10,800 hp DP-2 fast supply vessel, the Alex F. McCall.

The 202 ft by 34 ft mono-hull FSV is outfitted with three (3) fixed pitch, 200 hp, Thrustmaster tunnel thrusters model 30TT200ML-AL. Each tunnel thruster is driven by a directly mounted electric motor that is capable of operating continuously at variable RPM in both directions of rotation, providing infinitely proportional thrust in the athwartship direction.

Thrustmaster tunnel thrusters are of exceptionally robust design capable of producing lateral thrust under extreme load conditions in demanding offshore applications for dynamic positioning or for slow speed maneuvering of marine vessels and are available from 150 hp (100 kW) up to 5,000 hp (3,500 kW) with tunnel diameters from 30 in. (762 mm) up to 136 in. (3,455 mm).

All components in contact with seawater are constructed of marine grade aluminum, bronze or 316 series stainless steel to insure longevity and prevent galvanic corrosion. The thrusters do not require external cooling. Any heat generated by the gears and bearings is dissipated through the pod housing to the surrounding seawater.

ttThe thruster pod housing is an aluminum casting  and is bolted in the tunnel. The pod contains the propeller shaft, right angle gears, input shaft, bearings, and seals. The geometry of the pod housing is hydrodynamically optimized to minimize drag resistance.

The new vessel has a light ship displacement of 277 long tons (281.45 mt). Interior capacities include 92,418 US gallons of fuel, (349.8 cubic meters), 10,848 US gallons of drill /fresh water (41.1 cu. met.) and 3,200 US gal. of potable water (12.1 cu. mt.). Discharge rates are: for drill water 300 gallons per minute at 380 feet, for fuel oil 354 gpm at 394 feet.

The 132 by 27 foot (40.2×8.2 m.) cargo deck is estimated to have a 400-long ton (406.4 metric ton) capacity. Crew accommodation includes eleven berths in six cabins. Seating is provided for 64 passengers.

SEACOR Marine operates a fleet of offshore marine support vessels, serving the offshore oil and gas exploration and production industry.

For over 30 years, Thrustmaster of Texas, Inc. has been manufacturing heavy duty commercial marine propulsion equipment. The factory and production of all thrusters is based out of Houston, Texas with a global network of sales and service offices in Rotterdam, Singapore, China, Dubai, and Brazil. A