Our History


of Texas, Inc. is founded in Houston, Texas, by Joe
R. Bekker
who is still the President and CEO of the company. 
The first order, a self-contained diesel-driven propulsion unit
for mounting on the deck of a barge, is produced for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.


The U.S.
orders four propulsion units for a crane barge. 
Hydraulic tunnel thrusters are produced for several military
and commercial customers.


The U.S.
orders thirteen self-contained diesel-hydraulic propulsion
units for floating causeway application.


The first Portable
Dynamic Positioning System
(PDPS) is installed on a treasure
hunting vessel, the Arctic Discoverer, which successfully
locates the S.S. Central America and recovers an estimated USD
150-million in gold.  Ellicott dredges are outfitted with
fixed hydraulic
podded thrusters
.  A radio-controlled propulsion unit
is installed on a bow boat used by Breathwit Marine Contractors
for better navigation of barge trains through rivers and canals.


Clean-up contractors
order fourteen diesel driven propulsion units for the Alaska
oil spill in Valdez, AK.  A car ferry crossing the Mekong
River in Laos is provided with diesel-hydraulic Thrustmaster
propulsion units.  Breaux Brothers orders aluminum tunnel
for crewboats.


The U.S.
Army Corps of Engineers
continues to buy propulsion units
of different sizes and configurations.  Hydraulic tunnel
thruster business grows rapidly for use in OSV’s, dinner
cruise vessels, river casino boats and tugs.  Thrustmaster
moves to larger manufacturing facilities.


The first Thrustmaster
for tug boats
are installed at Bernert Tug and Barge Lines.  The Navy
of Pakistan
joins the growing list of military users of Thrustmaster
propulsion units.  More units are shipped to customers in
Guyana, Korea, Indonesia and Singapore.  Thrustmaster rapidly
is becoming a major thruster manufacturer in the world commercial
marine market.


Alcatel buys
for a cable lay barge in Thailand.  Matson Navigation orders
an azimuthing
retractable stern thruster
with radio control for one of
their towed ocean-going barges.  Baker Marine in Singapore
orders azimuth drives
for self-propulsion of a jack-up rig.  The U.S.
Air Force
buys Thrustmaster propulsion units for offshore
bases.  The U.S. Navy
orders propulsion units for torpedo testing barges.  Thrustmaster
is elected “Exporter of the Year” by the U.S. Small
Business Administration.


Many casino boat
projects with through-hull azimuth
and large hydraulic
tunnel thrusters
.  The Marine Spill Response Corporation
(MSRC) orders seventeen self-contained diesel-hydraulic
propulsion units
with integrated pilot house, mast, oil skimmer
drives and many other features.  Global Industries installs
retractable azimuth thrusters in one of their large pipe lay
barges.  Sales now exceed ten million dollars.  Thrustmaster
doubles its manufacturing space.


The Navy
of Pakistan
orders more self-propelled
deck mounted units
for barges.  The U.S. Navy Underwater
Warfare Center (NUWC) orders diesel-hydraulic
propulsion units
for sonar research program.  Thrustmaster
continues to supply many tunnel
for casino boat projects.  Western Geophysical
orders diesel-hydraulic propulsion units for operations in Kazakhstan. 


and podded non-steerable
are used on long-range trawler yachts built by Cape
Horn Trawler Corporation and others.  Edison Chouest Offshore
buys Thrustmaster steerable drop-down thrusters for station-keeping
of their large aluminum fast supply vessels.  Many diesel-hydraulic
propulsion units
are built for brown water barge applications
for river transport in Alaska, South America, Africa and the
Far East.


Pirelli orders
thruster system for cable-lay barges used in shore approaches
and shallow water trench-lay-bury operations.  International
business is growing fast with thrusters for OSV’s in Malaysia,
fishing vessels in Peru, transport barges in Ecuador, fast ferries
in Australia, an offshore construction barge in England, a SWATH
vessel in Hong Kong, a cruise vessel on the Thames River, car
ferries in Chile and Egypt, a tanker in South Africa and split-hopper
barges in Indonesia.


U.S. Navy uses
the PDPS
for diving support. Tug projects in Mexico and Venezuela, many
OSV and PSV thrusters for dynamic positioning, retractable
azimuth thrusters
for tanker application.  Thrustmaster’s
Chief Engineer, Dr. Shaw Dou, Ph.D, brings ANSYS Finite Element
Analysis into the company.  Thrustmaster moves to a larger


Seacor Marine
orders retractable bow thrusters for their large aluminum crew/supply
vessels.  Delba Maritima in Brazil orders PDPS
thrusters for dynamic positioning conversion of an OSV. 
Western Geophysical buys large propulsion unit packages for survey
barges at Alaska’s North Slope.  Refinery Terminal
Fire Company in the Port of Corpus Christi orders azimuthing
thrusters to dynamically position a large fire-fighting barge. 
Many thruster orders from all over the world.  Thrustmaster
now the largest thruster manufacturer in the U.S. and one of
the largest in the world.


Seacor Marine
places new orders for retractable thrusters for its new-build
fleet improvement program.  A second PDPS
delivered to Pirelli for cable-lay barge conversion to dynamic
positioning.  Hydraulic
tunnel thrusters
are ordered by numerous shipyards for tuna
fleet expansion in Mexico.  U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
continues to order deck-mounted propulsion units.  The first
jet thruster delivered to Baltimore Marine Industries.


At the turn of
the Millennium, Thrustmaster is well established as a world leading
manufacturer of marine propulsion equipment for the 21st Century. 
Several large vessels are converted to dynamic positioning class
using Thrustmaster electric or hydraulic thrusters.  More
harbor tug operators order azimuthing
for new tugs and retractable azimuth thrusters for
upgrades of older tugs.  Several PDPS
ordered for barge conversions operating in the Pacific Rim.


Owen Traylor
joins Thrustmaster as General Manager who introduces significant
improvements in customer service.  Many PDPS
systems are ordered by customers all over the world. 


receives ISO-9001 certification. Builders of OSV’s crewboats,
tugs, ferries and military vessels place orders in record numbers. 
Six 2,000 HP azimuthing
delivered for escort tugs on contract to the U.S.
Navy for surface ship and submarine docking services.  Seacor
Marine continues their fleet improvement program with Thrustmaster’s
thrusters.  Thrustmaster expands its manufacturing facilities


quality system is upgraded to ISO-9001:2000 by the American Bureau
of Shipping (ABS) Quality Evaluations.  Thrustmaster continues
to grow into a world leading marine propulsion manufacturer.
Thrustmaster wins contract to provide thrusters for the U.S.
Army Logistical Support Vessel (LSV) program.


Continuous but
controlled growth leads to record numbers of thruster orders. 
Many azimuthing
ordered for ASD tug fleet improvement programs. 
Egyptian government places an order for 270 self-contained propulsion
units.  More PDPS
ordered by operators in the Pacific Rim.  Thrustmaster wins
contract to supply thrusters for the U.S. Navy’s Littoral
Combat Ship (LCS) program.


ABS Tunnel Thruster CertificationThrustmaster
receives ABS Manufacturing Assessment Certificate and “Type
Approval Certificates” on standard models of hydraulic
tunnel thrusters
.  PDPS hydraulic thrusters now produced
up to 2,000 horsepower each (1,500 kW).


Many hydraulic
thrusters and self-contained power units of 1,000, 1,500, and
2,000 horsepower ordered for various conversions to dynamic positioning. 
U.S. Military Sealift Command leases PDPS
for deck barge.  Large azimuthing thruster orders for drilling
platforms. Thrustmaster now producing thrusters up to 8,000 horsepower
(6,000 kW).


receives record number of orders for large electrically-driven
thrusters for drilling applications.  Design of the new
200,000 square foot thruster factory begins.  Thrustmaster
receives “Subcontractor of the Year Award” from the
U.S. Small Business Administration for its work on the U.S. Navy
LCS program.  Annual sales now exceed USD 100-million. Computational
Fluid Dynamics (CFD) programs are added to Thrustmaster’s
suite of design tools.


continues forward with new factory breaking ground in May 2008. 
Two retractable DP azimuth thrusters are installed in the Seacor
Cheetah high speed catamaran crew boat.  Signs new contracts
leading to mechanical geared drives of 5000 to 6000 hp while
continuing to produce record numbers of Portable
Dynamic Positioning Systems
.  Field offices are opened
in Europe, the Middle East, and Singapore.


New 200,000 square
foot thruster factory and 40,000 square foot design and administration
facility completed. Increased engineering and manufacturing capacity
including addition of dedicated MRP-II/ERP manager and manufacturing
engineering manager. Field office opened in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Engineering department continues adding new
talent and expanding software analysis tools. Order of over 200
hydraulic barge thrusters delivered to Army Corp of Engineers.
Deliveries of TH5000ML drives begin.


Thrustmaster opens office in Mumbai, India.
Annual sales top USD$150M. Jim Jennings comes aboard as the new
General Manager and begins cultivating teams.


Zeiss Computerized Coordinate Measuring Machine
is installed as QC continuously improves manufacturing feed back
program. Installation of a Hankook VTL and a Union Chemnitz DV60
CNC Center begins.
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