Tunnel Thrusters – Electric Motor or Diesel Engine Driven

Tunnel Thrusters – Hydraulic Pod Motor Driven

Tunnel thrusters are installed in the bow or stern in order to improve docking, slow speed maneuvering, emergency steering and station keeping at zero or slow forward speed.

Depending on the type of vessel, the range of application for tunnel thrusters extends from brief docking and casting-off in ports with a limited number of operating hours every year up to continuous operation under extreme load conditions in demanding offshore applications with dynamic positioning.

In order to meet the numerous demands of the many vessel types used around the world Thrustmaster engineers design tunnel thrusters of aluminum or steel, and, with options regarding the kind of input power (prime movers) needed by the customer. All of Thrustmaster tunnel thrusters use fixed pitch propellers.

Tips on Tunnel Thruster Installation

Tips on Tunnel Thruster Selection

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