L-Drive Azimuthing Thrusters Bottom Mounted

Thrustmaster’s L-Drives fixed pitch propeller, thru-hull, azimuth thrusters are configured for vertical variable speed electric motor input.  Sizes range from 250 to 10,750 HP (180kW to 8.0MW) with a wide selection of reduction ratios and propeller/nozzle diameters to suit the application requirements.  Thrusters can be supplied complete with electric motors and variable frequency drives or they can be made to fit flange and shaft end of a customer supplied or shipyard supplied electric motor.  They are available with open wheel or with nozzle.

Offshore Supply,

For over 50 years offshore supply vessels have needed absolute precision as they stand off from a platform or working rig. During a new drilling operation they may be part of the fleet bringing the first 10,000 feet of drill pipe to the rig so holding position alongside the rig without tying up to it to unload the pipe is crucial to the operation

When anchors are forbidden because of water depth, active cable or pipes on the bottom, or sensitive ocean life, the ability to stay on track with working divers or chasing a ROV can be a daunting task. Thrustmaster’s feed back systems when coupled to any reputable dynamic positioning system can provide maximum thrust any direction at up to three full revolutions per minute without having to return to a home position. This means they can track the diver or ROV safely and with the kind of precision found in the best equipment.

When the position of the diver or ROV changes from moving to stationary in order to perform work the L drive receives commands from the electronic DP system and precisely holds position within 1 meter or less.


Azimuth Thrusters

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