Thrustmaster Customer Training

Our mission is to provide quality training for the operation and maintenance of Thrustmaster of Texas, Inc. equipment. Proper training and troubleshooting processes reduce downtime and repair costs.


Training Categories


Dynamic Positioning

ICON Version 2.X Operator Training

ICON Version 3.X Operator Training

ICON Ver2.X and 3.X Maintenance


Control Systems

Thrustmaster Controls Training





Custom Training

Thrustmaster of Texas Inc. can provide custom tailored training courses based on actual Thrustmaster equipment and training needs.  Custom training can be arranged for onsite or classroom/technical room in Houston, TX.

Please provide your training needs to the below contacts for a custom training quote.

For further information please contact:
Thrustmaster of Texas Inc.
6900 Thrustmaster Dr., Houston, TX 77041

Phone: 713-937-6295