Underwater Demountable Azimuth Thrusters

The range of Thrustmaster’s underwater demountable azimuth thrusters are designed for easy underwater mounting and dismantling without dry-docking the vessel. This is of utmost importance to large vessels and semi-submersible oil drilling rigs to continue operation without any delays. Dynamic positioning thrusters are in service 24/7 during drilling operations. Interrupting drilling and leaving the site in order to repair a unit would be a costly decision.


Never Out of Service

The underwater demountable thruster can be removed and exchanged without taking the vessel out of service. T here are three main components of the underwater installation system. The receptacle with the outer cap (top), the inner cap (middle), and the thruster (bottom). The inner and outer caps are installed at the factory and shipped to the site. Once installed into the vessel the outer cap is removed to access the inner cap. The inner cap is then removed to reveal the hydraulic steering motors and attachment for the cardan drive shaft.

Underwater Mount Thrusters for Dynamic Positioning are installed after the vessel is launched. Because of the need to insure an accurate fit and seal integrity Thrustmaster also designs and manufactures the receptacles. The receptacles are mounted into the hull by the shipyard before launching.

Replacement at Sea

A key benefit to replacing an underwater demountable azimuth thruster is that it can be done while out in the open ocean during drilling operations. With the assistance of a crane barge, a replacement thruster can easily be installed eliminating the need to dry dock the vessel.

Azimuth Thrusters

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