Retractable Azimuth Thruster Electric Motor Driven

Thrustmaster electric retractable thrusters are fixed pitch propeller thru-hull azimuth thrusters capable of retracting completely into the hull.  They are configured for vertical variable speed electric motor input.

Sizes range from 250 to 10,750 HP (185kW to 8.0MW) with a wide selection of reduction ratios and propeller/nozzle diameters to suit the application requirements.  They are normally supplied complete with electric motors and variable frequency drives, but they can also be made to fit flange and shaft end of a customer supplied or shipyard supplied electric motor.

The motor travels up and down with the thruster, so the drive line is never disconnected.


Customized to Application

Thrustmaster's electric retractable thruster can supplied with a open propeller or with a nozzle. They are also available as combination thrusters, functioning as tunnel thruster in the retracted position and freely azimuthing in the lowered position. Compact units are available for vessels with limited hull depth. A hull fairing piece is normally attached to the bottom of the thruster to reduce drag when the thruster is stowed.

Retractable Thrusters

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