Thrustmaster Introduces Next Generation DP Thrusters

This year, in response to a growing demand for larger capacity DP thrusters, Thrustmaster of Texas, Inc. has introduced their next generation, 2,200 kW portable thrusters. World famous for their patented PDPS (Portable Dynamic Positioning Systems), Thrustmaster of Texas has been proving portable DP solutions for work barges, pipe-lay vessels, semi-submersibles, and other specialty vessels for over 20 years. Until now, their line of portable DP thrusters ranged from 75 kW to 1,500 kW per thruster.

“These new thrusters have 50% more power than our previous flagship model,” explains Joe Bekker, Founder and President of Thrustmaster. “The new thrusters will allow operators to configure a vessel with fewer thrusters and allow for more deck space for operations. In addition, the portable nature of this system allows the operators to use a local ‘vessel of opportunity’ to get the job done, rather that building a specialty vessel in order to complete the task. The higher capacity thrusters will also allow for DP conversion of much larger vessels and floating platforms.”