HI500 Series Waterjets

Thrustmaster’s HI500 water jet has an application range from 400 to 800 hp producing high dynamic thrust in the 0- 40 knots range, and a resultant high speed and high bollard pull jet unlike any other in the industry.

The HI500 superlative impeller design gives you the best of a high speed jet to reach high speed performance as well combing the features of  high thrust jets, resulting in unparalleled performance in the low speed range.  The HI500 hill fluidity impeller technology gives unmatched acceleration due to the cavitation resistance design.

The HI500 will give double the bollard pull of high speed jets of 350 to 380mm impeller size range, and with a compact design it can easily replace high speed jets in the 350mm size without movement of drive input location.

HI500 is the first to integrate a waterjet ride plate that gives the boat 1007 cubic inches of added planing surface. This integrated ride plate also protects the steering system from damage or entanglement with netting.

The HI500 has a changeable nozzle for fine tuning of performance and a new twin bucket arrangement that gives extremely high thrust in reverse ,up to 60% of forward thrust. The HI500 unique deflector design allows for very precise steering with very small thrust losses in aggressive turns.

The HI500 does not have a cavitation planning range. A typical high speed jet will fall to cavitation conditions in the range of  15 to 20  knots. In addition, the HI500’s maneuverability at slow speeds is far superior due to the larger HI500 nozzle size of 11.8 inches compared to typical high speed jets nozzle being around 8 to 9 inches.

The HI500 has a composite stator housing with cast SS stator vanes versus the competition’s cast soft aluminum. The HI500 stator openings are 3 times bigger than the  typical high speed jet so more debris can past thru the jet with no major damage or clogging.

HI500’s Superior Bollard Pull Numbers Are:

- 300 hp = 4300 pounds

- 400 hp = 5200 pounds

- 500 hp = 6000 pounds

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