Pod Jet Series Waterjets

Thrustmaster is now offering a 14 inch pod jet for military amphibious applications around the world.  The new compact XXL high thrust pod jet is superior to all other competitors’ offerings.

Thrustmaster’s Pod Jet Model PJ357 Features:

  • New XXL HT impeller design allows the PJ357 to provide superior thrust than our competitor’s 13 inch pod jet
  • At 100kw input power, the PJ357 can deliver up to 2491 pounds of bollard thrust
  • Higher thrust capability equals higher potential swim speeds!
  • First to offer hydraulic motor impeller hub drive.
  • Integrated hydraulic motor gives the user additional options for mounting of pod drive
  • Without the hard mount constraints of our competitors the PJ357 has the ability to be mounted away from hull
  • 34 years of proven military and civilian application of our hydraulic drive application in our thruster units
  • Excellent maneuverability due to larger nozzle diameter, providing supplementary directional flow
  • The simplicity of our modular design allows for easy installation, repair, and replacement
  • Heavy duty construction results in long term low life cycle cost
Thrustmaster’s pod jets provide the highest thrust per horsepower in the market. This results in the most potential thrust driving amphibious vehicles to their highest probable speeds. The extra thrust allows the operator to easily maintain course headings and navigational requirements with simplicity.

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