T-Pod – Electric Podded Thruster


The Thrustmaster T-Pod features:


High Maneuverability

Compact and efficient design – integrated permanent magnet motor

Excellent braking / speed reducing     characteristics

Easy installation – no alignment

Push and pull configurations available

Reduced/minimal maintenance

Robust electric drive integrated in pod – no 90 degree gears

Full 360 degree non-stepping continuous     steering under full load conditions

Exceptional Benefits



Dry Pod Housing - Unlike conventional Z-drives which are flooded with many gallons of gear oil, the T-pod has a dry pod housing so there is no risk of oil leakage to the environment.
No Spiral Bevel Gears and Associated Shafts and Bearings - Resulting in greater power efficiency, quieter operation, less vibration, less weight and less maintenance.
Double Sealing Arrangement - High integrity mechanical seal with leak detection system.
Integrated Electric Motor - Integrated high speed permanent magnet electric motor. Low weight, high efficiency and very compact.
Long ‘flexible’ propeller shaft - A long propeller shaft is perfect for absorbing any shock load coming from the propeller.  It has low inertia which results in higher durability.
Power Range - The T-Pod is available in a power range from 90 kW up to 2500 kW, and offered with either open propeller or in a nozzle.

The T-pod may be configured for:
Thru-hull top or bottom mount
Thru-hull retractable
Tunnel thruster
Swing up
Azimuthing or fixed
With or without nozzle

Azimuth Thrusters

Product Lineup

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