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Whether you’re looking for propulsion units to self-propel a barge for a construction or maintenance project, or you need self-propelled barges for river or coastal transportation of cargo or you need a bow boat to assist a push boat in maneuvering a flotilla of barges through the river systems, Thrustmaster, “the brown water experts”, have the answers.

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DP Installation


This unique heavy lift system is positions over its target lift by 4ea 1000hp (745kW) Thrustmaster hydraulic Retractable Thrusters embeded into the hull and controlled from the pilothouse using an interconnected DP system with joystick controls for DP2 with ABS certification. The lifting framework is mounted on two barges, each with two Thrustmaster TH1000RN retractable thrusters mounted below deck with the self contained HPU’s being mounted on elevated platforms above the main deck.


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