Hybrid Propulsion Systems

Special expertise has been developed in the design and manufacturing propulsion and control equipment for vehicle and passenger ferries.

Thrustmaster can design all the components of a marine hybrid propulsion system. We are able to integrate all of the equipment and components in order to provide a seamless hybrid propulsion system to the customer.

This one-stop-shop approach significantly reduces the customer’s risk and reduces the customer’s management of oversight costs.

Thrustmaster will utilize our access to patented and proven technologies to ensure that the most efficient power control system is available to the customer. Each ferry hybrid propulsion system is tailored to the vessel size, speed, transit route, and operational profile to ensure the maximum cost effectiveness.

  • Lower Combustion Exhaust Gas Emissions
  • Lower Structureborne and Airborne Noise
  • Lower Structural Vibration
  • Reduced Fuel Consumption
  • Simplified Mechanical Systems
  • Less Maintenance / Maintenance Interval Increases
  • Remote Performance Monitoring
  • Overall OPEX Reduction
  • Improved Passenger Experience

Thrustmaster recognizes the growing market potential for Higher Efficiency and Lower Emission propulsion systems on New Build and Upgraded/Refitted Ferries nationwide

  • The traditional prime mover diesel engine, propeller and rudder combination have been successful in the past, but vessel performance can now be significantly enhanced with proven integrated mechanical / electrical systems
  • Thrustmaster can offer the vehicle ferry market sector a fully integrated power and propulsion system which continuously chooses the most efficient energy source and delivers it to the required load
  • Customers will see efficiency improvements in fuel consumption, emission gases, noise and vibration levels, leading to an all-around upgrade to the passenger experience


Thrustmaster Patents held for Hybrid Propulsion Systems are:

Method & Apparatus for Providing Power to Marine Vessel:

US Pat. No. 7,980,905 B2 – Describes a system and method for marine vessels to utilize battery power only and generators to provide additional power if needed

Method for Operating a Vessel:

US Pat. No. 8,197,291 B2 – Describes a method for operating a vessel by determining the most efficient source of power available

Computer Readable Medium for Operating a Vessel:

US Pat. No. 8,457,819 B2 – Describes computer instructions which monitor the most efficient power source with which to operate a vessel

System for Operating a Vessel:

US Pat. No. 8,554,398 B2 – Describes a system for operating a vessel where multiple power sources can be used


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