Hydradrive – Fixed Podded Hydraulic Propulsion Thruster

Thrustmaster’s Hydradrive is a hydraulically-powered, direct mounted non-steering propulsion thruster for main propulsion of marine vessels available from 35 HP (26 kW) to 1000 HP (746 kW). The Hydradrive assembly includes the open wheel propeller with an option to include a fitted nozzle which increases slow speed forward thrust by an average of 30% and a hydraulic propulsion motor. The hydraulic propulsion motor directly drives the propeller shaft and is installed inside a fabricated steel housing. The thruster assembly is a totally sealed, self-contained unit that does not require any routine maintenance.

Thrustmaster’s Hydradrive units provide unparalleled main propulsion speed control from the rugged hydrostatic drive that delivers fully proportional propeller speed control in forward and reverse while the engine runs at a constant speed reducing fatigue and increasing engine life.

Hydradrives are ideal propulsors for inland maintenance vessels, utility clean-up vessels, aquaculture and shallow water applications. They are virtually maintenance free and provide years of operation in the harshest environments. The hydraulic drive is especially suited for shallow, brown water applications where debris in the water and obstructions on the bottom are encountered. The hydraulic transmission provides instant overload relief of propeller drive, protecting from mechanical failure.

They are available in steel or aluminum, depending on vessel hull material.  They can be welded or bolted to the hull.

Fixed podded drives replace conventional shaft lines and stern tubes.  The engine can be placed at any convenient location (even on deck) as long as hydraulic piping or hoses connects between the engine driven hydraulic pump and the pod motor ports are available.  Multiple pods can be powered by a single engine and thrustmaster can offer engineering services directly to the customer to provide a near perfect fit.


Each thruster unit has a bi-directional, variable-speed hydraulic motor directly driving the propeller shaft. The hydraulic motor is installed in-side the lower outdrive housing. The propeller shaft is supported by large, oil-lubricated taper roller bearings. Propeller speed can be infinitely controlled without the need to change the engine RPM, providing excellent maneuverability and performance superior to a controllable pitch propellers. The hydraulic motor is capable of complete direction reversal at full speed and torque in less than five (5) seconds.

Pressure limiters and cross reliefs protect the hydraulic transmission in the event of propeller blockage. The propeller can be stalled at any time without causing damage to the transmission.

The hydraulic motor’s ability to deliver almost full torque at stall ensures precise, lag-free control of ma-neuvering thrust.

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