Congratulations to Royal IHC

Congratulations to Royal IHC on the award of the contract for the design and build of a new water injection dredger for the North Carolina State Ports Authority (NC Ports) and will be IHC’s first US Flagged vessel!

This new american built vessel will be outfitted with two (2) Thrustmaster 150 hp hydraulic outboard propulsion units, model OD150N, for propulsion and maneuvering of the vessel. The integrated propulsion unit consists of a thruster capable of 360° steering with 180° hydraulic power tilt under full load conditions, integrated with an enclosed diesel hydraulic power unit.

The dredger will perform maintenance in the main seaports of Wilmington and Morehead City in order to safeguard the depth of the ports. To do so, it will move sediment from the main channel (with the assistance of natural currents), while keeping the required material within the Cape Fear river system.

To learn more about Thrustmaster’s line of outboard propulsion units click on the link below:

The full article can be viewed at the link below from Baird Maritime