Portable Dynamic Positioning Systems Upgrade Package

A unique system for dynamic positioning of vessels, barges and floating structures of any size. For a detailed tailored proposal to your application, please contact our sales department. More Information PDPS Description Paper PDPS Brochure Portable DPS Shallow Water Applications

Portable Dynamic Positioning Systems (PDPS) White Paper

Since their introduction in the early 1960’s, dynamic positioning systems continue to become more commonplace in the offshore industries. The first dynamic positioning systems were used exclusively for deep sea drilling applications. As these systems became more reliable and more affordable, they found their way into many other applications, including pipe laying, cable laying, offshore […]

Portable DPS Shallow Water Applications

Introduction Lake Maracaibo is a large fresh water Lake in Northwestern Venezuela.  It measures about 100 miles from North to South and about 80 miles from East to West at its widest point.  The lake is connected at its Northern end to the Gulf of Venezuela through a narrow channel of about 5 miles wide.  […]

Hydraulic Tunnel Thrusters White Paper

Hydraulic tunnel thrusters are available from 16″ to 86″ diameter and range from 35 to 2000 HP. The hydrostatic transmission provides proportional propeller speed control in both directions, thereby eliminating the need for controllable pitch propellers. Each thruster comes as a complete package, with a short tunnel assembly and a robust four-blade, high-thrust propeller on […]

Thrustmaster Expands Product Lineup to Include Waterjets

HOUSTON –   Thrustmaster of Texas, Inc., a  leading thruster manufacturer, expanded their product lineup to include waterjets. Thrustmaster is one of five marine waterjet manufactures in the world building waterjets up to 4,000 kW. Each waterjet model excels in the harsh operating conditions of the commercial and military marine markets. To meet the demands of large […]