Petrobras P2 118 ft Crewboat equipped with Thrustmaster Waterjets Delivered

BRAZIL – Thrustmaster of Texas, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch and delivery of BS Camburi, a 36m Monohull Crewboat built in Brazil by Arpoador Engenharia to the Petrobras type P2 specification for fleet owner Brasil Supply.

This 118 ft (36m) aluminium crewboat was designed by Incat Crowther and is powered by triple CAT C32 ACERT diesel engines coupled to three Thrustmaster DJ290 waterjets. The seventh vessel delivered to Brasil Supply equipped with Thrustmaster waterjets, this vessel will transport up to 70 passengers and crew as well as carry 50t deck cargo plus fuel and fresh water cargo at a fully loaded service speed of 17+ knots.

For maximum service life in this arduous commercial application the Thrustmaster DJ290 waterjets have been specified with stainless steel pump assemblies fitted with 29” (737mm) high volume single stage axial flow impellers.

These waterjets provide excellent high-speed efficiency with superior cavitation margins allowing full power application at any load condition and also at zero speed for maximum possible thrust during docking and station keeping maneuvers at sea. Thrustmaster’s pre-fabricated aluminium intake duct installation combines maximum vessel integrity with simple installation.

Each DJ290 has its own fully integrated hydraulic system providing steering and reverse control. All of the hydraulic equipment including cylinders hydraulic and associated hose connections are completely inboard mounted. All hydraulic pumps are directly driven from the gearbox PTO’s.

Vessel propulsion control is managed using Thrustmaster’s own CAN BUS – Control system. Configured for triple engine – twin station; the system simply combines primary control of engine throttle and gear command with the waterjet steering and reverse functions and all necessary monitoring, alarm and back-up control functions. The second (rear facing) station has been fitted with Thrustmaster’s eDOCK joystick control system. This provides a single joystick lever control that simultaneously actuates and controls waterjets and engines for precise and intuitive low speed maneuvering control.

The waterjets and control system are supplied to DNV HSCLC R2 CARGO B CREW boat.